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Fireworks Picnic Package

Make the fireworks extra special this year with a custom-made picnic package for 2 for only $30!
Let us do all the work and you sit back and enjoy!

Choose 2 handmade sandwiches, 2 artisan salads, and 2 gluten free pastries inspired by the country of the day. Add 2 ice cold draught beverages.

Call us at 604-682-7327 to pre-order.

Your Fireworks Picnic Package will be ready for you to pick up on your way to enjoy the fireworks.


For more information email us at

July 28th – South Africa


Gatsby Sandwich
gluten free baguette, tandoori yogurt marinated charred beef, masala chickpea zucchini carrot swede crispy cake, chakalaka relish, coriander butter and fresh coriander

Piri Piri Chicken or Tempeh Sausage
piri piri roast chicken or tempeh sausage, cucumber pickle, fresh romaine, mango chutney, on gluten-free baguette


Feta Zucchini Butter Bean
corona beans in tomato dressing with zucchini and house made feta

Ginger and Coriander Corn Salad
pepper, corn, tempeh bacon, green onion, garlic, shimeji mushroom, sweet coriander ginger dressing


Pumpkin Bundt
pumpkin bundt cake with roiboos caramel glaze

Pumpkin Donut
pumpkin donut with spiced glaze

August 1st – Sweden


shrimp sausage wrapped in prosciutto with remoulade dressing, charred romaine, heirloom tomato, swede puree, pickled red onion on gluten free baguette

Meatball Sub
tempeh meat balls, roasted onion yogurt, lemon vinegar seasonal mushrooms on gluten free baguette


Summer Salad
cucumber, egg, house made lemon ricotta, sour cream, dill green onion

5 Mushroom Salad
braised red wine seasonal mushrooms with carrot top pesto, lemon dressing


Chocolate Brownie
calabeaut chocolate brownie with almond caramel

Chocolate Donut
chocolate donut with Nutella ganache and hazelnuts

August 4th – South Korea


Bulgogi Cheesesteak
marinated bulgogi beef, soju cheese sauce, kim chi pepper, onions, gai lan, bok choy, fried rice cake

Gaeran Tost-U
savoury folded egg omelette with cabbage, carrots, onion, sweet and spicy tempeh bacon, spicy haloumi cheese sauce, kim chi pepper, onions, gai lan, bok choy, fried rice cake


Korean Slaw
shaved red cabbage, julienne carrots, curly spring onion, bamboo shoots, enoki mushrooms, Asian pickled watermelon, soy sesame dressing

Sangchu Muchim
kale dressed in fish sauce Korean pepper dressing


Almond Cake
almond cake with matcha glaze and black sesame

Matcha Donut
vanilla donut with black sesame and matcha glaze


Nitro Cold Brew
Organic Ice Tea
Organic Lemonade
Bellini Flavoured Kombucha